Why facial nanomasks


In the development of the dry nanofiber face mask, emphasis was placed on simple application and effective transfer of active ingredients into the upper layers of the skin - epidermis and dermis. Since the skin is the body's natural barrier, only a limited amount of substances from cosmetic products penetrates into it. The dry nanofiber mask was developed to dissolve on moist skin and create an environment suitable for the transfer of active ingredients from the water-soluble carrier polyvinyl acetate (PVAc) to the skin. This is achieved by the production technology of the dry nanofiber face mask, which is made by the method of electrostatic spinning from a solution. The solution contains a water-soluble polymer and a mix of active substances. By forming fibers from a polymer solution by the action of a high electric field, bacterial or microbiological contamination is excluded. For this reason, the formulation of the dry nanofiber mask does not use any additional cosmetic substances, such as fillers, stabilizers, and preservatives.

Innovativeness of the solution

The innovativeness of our solution lies in a new way and form of administration of cosmetically and dermatologically used molecules. The goal of the research team was to eliminate the shortcomings of current dosage forms using advanced materials. We offer an innovative product consisting of a new concept of coverage, which has a precise and controlled release system and at the same time is sufficiently applicable and user-friendly. In addition, thanks to a different formulation procedure of the active nanofiber carrier, it is possible to omit a number of common additives (glycerin, oils, polyethylene glycol, adhesives). The minimalist formulation is thus not only environmentally and economically efficient, but also gentle on the patient's skin. Another innovative property of the nanofiber carrier is its high adhesion to the user's skin, increasing the efficiency of application. Thanks to the use of a nanofiber structure, which is characterized by an extremely high specific surface area, it is possible to achieve maximum contact of the nanofiber carrier with the user's skin and thus improve the transport of active ingredients through the skin. The nanofiber carrier is also very breathable and thanks to this. The skin under the sheet mask can breathe freely, no signs of skin irritation or other unfavorable local immune reactions are observed. This solves one of the most common problems of transdermal and occlusive systems, which are the adhesives used, which cause minor to severe local irritation and hypersensitivity reactions, requiring the interruption of application.

Principle of operation and effects of nanoBeauty masks

In our dry nanofiber masks, we do not use nanoparticles, but nanofibers, which differ from nanoparticles in that they are linear formations with a length that is many times greater than their diameter, while the diameter of the nanofibers in our masks ranges from 250 to 600 nm. When nanofibers come into contact with moist skin, the nanofibers dissolve and an intensive transfer of vitamins and active ingredients by diffusion into the skin begins. Thanks to this mechanism, the substances are transported very quickly and in large quantities through the skin barrier to the deeper layers of the skin, where they work for several hours after the application of the mask. In essence, almost all the active ingredients that were in the mask will reach the skin, which is an advantage over creams and serums, where a significant amount of active ingredients does not end up in the skin, but in the waste. Another very important advantage is the fact that in the case of our face masks, the active ingredients are evenly distributed over the entire area of the mask and therefore act on the entire treated area. In the case of creams or serums, the active ingredients tend to clump together, which can lead to uneven action after their application. Another advantage of our dry nanofiber face masks is the very simple application.

Main advantages of nanoBeauty mask over competing products

  1. Dry sheet facial mask is a completely unique, innovative type of cosmetic face mask based on the results of long-term development of nanofiber applications for medical and dermatological purposes.
  2. Orderly higher efficiency of transfer of active substances to the skin (more than 90%), without fillers, stabilizers and preservatives contained in wet masks and creams.
  3. Active substances are evenly distributed in the facial mask. In wet masks and creams, the active substances accumulate in a certain place after a short time, and thus you can apply a part on your face that is not enriched in any way. Our substances are 100% evenly distributed over the entire surface of the masks, so you get what is promised with each application.
  4. Simple and quick use of the mask. A short application time of 8 minutes to achieve the desired result. The beneficial effect of the mask will fully develop in the following hours and days.
  5. Our dry mask contains no liquid and is easy to unpack and use. It doesn't drip, doesn't stay on your hands, doesn't stain your pillow or T-shirt.
  6. Patented delivery system of active substances (vitamins, gluconolactone, hyaluronic acid, etc.) into nanofibers for subsequent effective release into the skin.
  7. The masks are also suitable for very sensitive skin. Without parabens, silicones, acrylics, dyes and perfumes. Not tested on animals.
  8. The active part of the facial mask is 100% biodegradable. The carrier and cover layer are 100% recyclable.
  9. 100% Czech EU product, in-house development, production and sale.
  10. The masks were tested for the content of active substances, release kinetics and diffusion coefficient in cooperation with the Technical University in Brno. In addition, they have been tested and aquired safety reports from the State Health Institute.


Nanovlákno - enlarged 500x
Nanovlákno - enlarged 500x
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Nanovlákno - enlarged 1000x
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Nanovlákno - enlarged 5000x