Nanofiber smart sheet mask

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  • Vitamins, active substances and water – that is all your skin needs!
  • Certified in the EU

What is nanoBeauty sheet mask?

NanoBeauty nanofiber facial mask is a significant and revolutionary innovation in the cosmetics industry. Our patented technology is used for the production of nanoBeauty masks with nanofibres as carriers of active ingredients and vitamins. The nanoBeauty masks are able to preserve all added substances in desirable quality without any preservatives or stabilizers. The diffusion transfer of active ingredients into the skin is triggered "smartly" only after wetting with water (or water based cosmetic product of your choice) and contact with the skin.

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  • Why does nanoBeauty work?

    All active substances are bound in 100% concentration only in the nanofiber in a completely pure state and are waiting for the diffusion process to start. The nanofiber transport system activates once in touch with your damp skin, releasing the active ingredients very precisely and effectively. It effectively releases the nourishing, rejuvenating, moisturizing, revitalizing or anti-aging substances into the skin will begin.

  • Guaranteed effects of nanoBeauty?

    Tests have proven that up to 92% of the active ingredients from the nanofiber mask will be delivered directly to the skin, even into the deeper layers of the skin. It only takes 8 minutes for all declared nourishing substances and vitamins to reach the skin.

  • Why a dry nanofiber facial mask?

    NanoBeauty was developed “smartly”, so that on moist skin it dissolves and creates an environment suitable for the transfer of active ingredients directly into the skin. Fibre formation is based on the electrospinning method from a solution. Other similar products and face masks are offered already wet, in order not to spoil, they must contain preservatives and stabilizers.

  • Is nanoBeauty certified?

    The nanoBeauty facial mask was born on the basis of research and development of nanofiber medical material, primarily focused on the therapeutic coverage of severe burns, therefore it can also be used for sensitive skin. The nanoBeauty facial mask has a certificate from the State Institute of Health and other necessary certificates. We guarantee that nanoBeauty was not tested on animals.

Why nanofiber?

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