Hydrating facial toner with hyaluronic acid

The facial toner with hyaluronic acid complements the range of dry sheet nanofiber cosmetic masks nanoBeauty. It is a great addition to the masks, facilitating the entire mask application process.

  • A great addition to dry sheet face masks
  • Easier and more convenient application with the sprayer
  • Rich in active ingredients
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Delicate and pleasant fragrance
  • Promotes hydration

  • Pleasant and clean handling


The facial toner with hyaluronic acid complements the range of dry sheet nanofiber cosmetic masks NanoBeauty. It is a great addition to the masks, facilitating the entire mask application process. The special sprayer creates a mist that simply and gently moistens the skin before applying the mask, without the need to get your hands wet. Application with the sprayer is sufficient to moisturize the skin and, in combination with hydrating active ingredients, enhances the effectiveness of transferring active ingredients from the mask to the skin. This product also addresses problems with poor tap water, which may have different levels of purity, hardness, or mineral content in various locations.

Benefits of using hydrating facial toner:

  • Easier and more convenient application with the sprayer
  • No need to use tap water
  • Skin hydration
  • Better transfer of active ingredients to the skin
  • Rich in active ingredients
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Gentle preservatives to prevent microbial contamination
  • Delicate and pleasant fragrance

What active ingredients help effectively hydrate the skin?

Our facial water is full of active ingredients that help hydrate the skin, thus facilitating the penetration of active ingredients from the mask into the skin. Daily use of nanoBeauty facial water ensures effective and long-lasting hydration of your skin.

The main component is water. Water is the basic building block of healthy skin. Regular application of toner to the skin helps maintain skin hydration, which is crucial for maintaining elasticity. Water does not clog pores, removes sebum, cleanses, and brightens the skin.

Hyaluronic acid, an important component of the facial water, is a substance naturally occurring in the skin. It is found in the intercellular substances of various tissues or in joints, where it acts as a lubricant. It helps to hydrate the skin and, due to its structure, retains water and other active ingredients in the skin. This results in a high and long-lasting hydrating effect and better skin elasticity. As it is a substance naturally present in the body, it is well-tolerated (Saranraj and Naidu 2013).

Aloe Vera, Latin Aloe Barbadensis, is a plant that has been used in cosmetics since ancient Egypt, and its effects are well known. The gel from the plant, rich in vitamins (such as vitamin C, A, B1, B3, or B6), polysaccharides, amino acids, and other components, synergistically acts on the skin with an antioxidant effect. Like hyaluronic acid, Aloe vera binds water and helps hydrate the skin (Javed and Rahman 2014). It also has regenerative and soothing effects, making it suitable to apply the Facial Toner after prolonged sun exposure in combination with the Regenerative nanofiber mask nanoBeauty.

Similar to other active ingredients, Urea has the ability to retain water and hydrate the skin. In addition, Urea has the ability to exfoliate cells. This means that it gently removes dead skin cells, brightening and revitalizing the skin. Urea also has significance in clinical practice, where it has been used for the treatment of skin diseases for several decades (Barardesca and Cameli 2020).

In addition to these active ingredients, the facial toner contains, for example, vitamins B3 and B8, natural sodium salts of lactic acid, anise, and salicylic acid, which have hydrating and antioxidant effects and stabilize the skin's pH. The toner is also equipped with gentle preservatives that prevent microbial contamination.

Packaging size:

100 ml


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  1. Unpack the mask, place it on a dry surface with the green layer facing up. Carefully remove the protective green cover.
  2. Apply sufficient amount of Facial Toner to the cleansed skin using the sprayer. Then apply the white nanofiber layer to the moistened skin. Moisturize any dry areas of the mask with Facial Toner.
  3. Leave the mask on for 8 minutes and enjoy a well-deserved relaxation. If you are using the faster-acting INTENSIVE range masks, 5 minutes is sufficient.
  4. Before removing the mask, moisten it again for easier removal. Remove the mask and gently massage the remaining gel into the skin.
  5. The effective transfer of active ingredients to the skin begins immediately after the mask application. The beneficial effect noticeably increases in the following hours. When using the NanoBeauty mask together with the Facial Toner with hyaluronic acid, skin hydration is enhanced. Recommended use is 1-2 times a week. To achieve faster results, use the mask as part of your daily skincare routine.

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